We're indoors!

Farmers Feed Our Needs Recap

Whew what a crazy day! The day began with blue skies and sunshine, then quickly fell to overcast with rain, then back to sunshine, back to rain…..and so it went for the entire day!

This year we tried things a bit differently. We were indoors and we also invited Classic Chevrolet in Madison along with PNC Bank to join us for the fun.

We were able to obtain several hundred pounds of non-perishable food items along with nearly a thousand dollars in cash donations!

A big thank you goes to Todd and Ame West of West Orchards, the entire PNC Bank crew, WKKY, the Antique Engine Club, the 4H group Giddyup-Woah along with Eric Cotton, Melissa and Russ Rettger, Mary Ann Rogers, Steve Miller, David Wilcox Jr, Ted and Carol Clutter, Bill Patterson, Representative Ron Young and candidate Lori Dinallo, candidate David Joyce and candidate Judy Moran and of course – EVERYONE that donated a nonperishable item or donated cash. THANK YOU!