Farm Bureau Endorsement Pays Off For Candidates

COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) 95 percent of the candidates who received the endorsement of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) won their races on Election Day. In total, 121 of the 127 candidates approved by OFBF’s Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (AGGPAC) won their races after being named either “Friends of Agriculture” or “Friends of Farm Bureau”.

AGGPAC is Ohio Farm Bureau’s political action committee that routinely monitors the voting records and political campaigns of Ohio’s elected officials and candidates. Funding for AGGPAC comes from voluntary contributions by Farm Bureau members and is governed by a committee of bi-partisan Farm Bureau leaders.

The “Friend of Agriculture” designation applies to state candidates and “Friend of Farm Bureau” applies to congressional candidates.

In congressional races, all 13 of OFBF’s endorsed candidates won. In the Ohio Senate races, all 18 endorsed candidates won. In Ohio House races, 89 of 94 endorsed candidates won. One of OFBF’s two endorsed Ohio Supreme Court candidates won.

OFBF stayed neutral in both the presidential and Ohio’s U.S. Senate races, but assisted the Obama, Romney, Brown and Mandel campaigns in their efforts to engage with Ohio’s farm families.

The high success rate of Farm Bureau endorsed candidates is a point of pride for the organization, according to OFBF’s Executive Vice President, Jack Fisher.

“Our members understand the importance of political involvement. They work hard to find the best candidates Ohio has to offer, and then support them in their campaigns. It’s a great feeling for our members when voters agree with our opinions,” Fisher said.

Fisher added that Farm Bureau will work closely with all of the state’s elected officials to develop policies that benefit the state’s economy and communities.


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