Presidnet Margaret Reid

Meet your President Margaret Reid

Lawrence County Farm Bureau President Margaret Reid and her husband Bill have lived on their 78 acre farm since 1981. They raise beef cattle and bees.  They also sell beekeeping supplies and equipment. 

After retiring from her job as a librarian, Margaret has more time to dedicate to her farm and her love of bees.   While she loves working on her farm and taking care of her animals, Margaret said that he least favorite thing to do on the farm is “mucking out the barn.”

When Margaret was asked about her favorite season she said her favorite season is spring.  “I like seeing all the new young bees and peeking in to see if they are developing properly.  They’re always as busy as can be.”

Anyone that knows Margaret knows that she loves a good story.  Her favorite farm story is that the Reids used to have a pure bred Hereford herd until the neighbor’s Simmental bull cleared five strands of barbed wire fence to get onto their property.  “I was mad at first but in the end I felt it improved our herd because the Simmental added bone and mass to our herd,” Margaret laughed.

A little known county fact about Lawrence County is that the last wild buffalo sighted in Ohio was in Lawrence County. Margaret was asked why there are so few farms in Lawrence County.  “One-third of the county is Wayne National Forest and the ground is not very fertile because of strip mining and erosion.  Farmers are the stewards of the land.  If it were not for farmers, erosion would continue and some of the flat land would be covered over by parking lots.”

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