At annual meeting, members to share ideas, set policy

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During Ohio Farm Bureau’s annual meeting Nov. 28-30, more than 300 member delegates from around the state will discuss and debate county proposed changes to Farm Bureau policy. Once approved, these ideas will guide the organization on a number of issues in the coming year.

Among the issues delegates will likely discuss:


– Governance: How should we approach issues such as legislative redistricting, term limits and early voting?

– Ohio Turnpike: What are farmers’ major concerns regarding the privatization of the turnpike?

– CAUV: What’s the appropriate role of the program, what challenges does it face and how can we protect it?

– Taxes: How should we respond to a proposed severance tax on oil and gas? What should Ohio’s overall tax structure look like?

– Property Rights: Are we doing enough to protect them?

– Energy Development: How do farmers benefit from Ohio’s energy resources – from oil and gas to biofuels – and at the same time protect private property rights?

– Animal and Livestock Issues: What is our role in animal care issues? How should public policy apply to individual sectors of livestock production?

– Nutrient Management: What should Ohio Farm Bureau do to ensure that public expectations about water quality are being met?

Yvonne Lesicko, Ohio Farm Bureau’s senior director of legislative and regulatory policy, and other staff members will be available on the morning of Nov. 28  to answer annual meeting delegates’ questions and help them craft policy proposals. 

Want your county delegates to know your view on these and other issues? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll make sure to share the information with your county Farm Bureau.


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