Kelly L. Jones

Homegrown, Kelly Jones

Kelly L. Jones  |  157A South Progress Drive  |  Xenia  |  937-372-8059 or 937-218-8186

Tell us about the place where you live: I live on part of our family farm in Warren County. Dad and Grandpa are still farming today. We raise corn and soybeans as well as make maple syrup.

What values do the people in your community share? We are a farm community. We are a very close-knit community where everyone knows everyone and everyone takes care of everyone.

What is the best place to eat? In my opinion, the Village Restaurant in Waynesville.

How important is community involvement to your agency? Our agency is very active in the community. I believe that being involved in the community where you live and work is one of the best things you can do. It tells the type of person you are and tells the kind of people you have working in your office. We value our community relationships highly. Each person in the office has nonprofits they are involved with. We all came from a 4-H background. We like being able to go out into the community and be recognized by our names for what we do and what we have done to support our community.

What does “customer focused” mean to you? Our members are very important to us. We listen to them and help them decide what kinds of options and benefits are important to them and which ones are not and then tailor a policy to meet their needs. I like finding out about our members such as their family, where they grew up, what they do for a living, etc. My members are not just a number to me or my agency and we make sure they know that.

What is the most rewarding part about what you do? Helping our members protect the things that are most important to them such as their family, home, cars, etc. Every person is different and we want to make sure their policies reflect that.

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