Kari Ball

Homegrown, Kari Ball

Kari Ball |  122 E. High Street | Mount Vernon | 740-392-9111

How important is community involvement to your agency? We try to support the local charities, youth sport leagues, drug prevention programs and most importantly our 4-H clubs and Junior Fair Livestock Sale.

How do you continually provide the On Your Side® experience to customers? We are fully staffed with five full-time, fully licensed agents in order to provide our clients the On Your Side experience with each and every contact. We reach out and contact each of our insured customers once a year in order to offer an On Your Side review.

What does “customer focused” mean to you? We are here because of our customers and they are the absolute most important part of our agency.

What is the most rewarding part about what you do? At the end of the day we know that we have provided not only the very best product through Nationwide but also allowed our clients to make an informed decision in regard to their level of coverage that they are comfortable with. We feel that it is very important that we educate our clients so that they know exactly what their limits of coverage means and they know how they will protect them if a loss should occur.

What is the best place to eat? Our home with our family and serving local products whenever possible.

What is your favorite Ohio food? We like to eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season and we purchase beef from a local farmer to provide our family with the best possible foods available.

In addition to Nationwide policy discounts, why should your customers join Farm Bureau? To support our local farmers and their rights as farmers because without our local farmers we would not have the wonderful food supply that we do.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a sponsor of Nationwide and endorses Nationwide policies, many of which are discounted for members of Ohio Farm Bureau. Please ask a nearby agent for more details, or visit Nationwide’s website specifically for Ohio Farrm Bureau members.