Carroll County Farm Bureau members enjoy themselves at the membership kickoff.

Membership drive re-invigorated in 2013

By Brian Peach, Ohio Farm Bureau senior director of field services

Enthusiastic, excited, invigorated and energized are just a few of the words being used to describe this year’s county Farm Bureau membership volunteers and their membership drive kickoffs. We have made a few structural and goal changes to the campaign this year, and members across Ohio are responding and stepping up to the challenge.

This year we have set an attainable goal, asking that each county sign 5 percent new members based on its 2012 active member count. On average across the state that is 34 new members per county — as few as 14 for some and as many as 69 new members for others. The 45-day campaign structure, running from Feb. 1 until March 15, is a new, shorter structure that many membership workers are excited about.

The counties also have incorporated new, fun and educational events at their kickoffs. Events range from oil and gas leasing information meetings with Dale Arnold and CAUV information meetings with Leah Curtis, to fun things like bowling nights and square dances.

Reports from the field indicate we are seeing an increase in new and younger volunteer membership workers. Involving new volunteers increases the potential of gaining new members. This is key, and Holmes County is a great example. Many new, young volunteers that had a different sphere of influence participated in this year’s campaign. After the county’s kickoff event, new and experienced volunteers fanned out across the county for a work day and in a few short hours they were able to sign 30 new members and one renewal.

In Highland County, 50 volunteers brought in new memberships the night of kickoff and met their 5 percent goal that night. Van Wert County also had a great kickoff full of energy and as a result 22 new members were signed in the days following the kickoff, getting them about two-thirds of the way to their goal of 35.

You too can contribute to the campaign by signing just one new member. There are even prizes to be earned. Contact your county Farm Bureau office to learn how you can help and become a productive membership worker. County office information is listed at

Not a member? Use our online Farm Bureau membership form to join today!


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