Homegrown, Randall Rogers

The Randall Rogers Agency  |  322 W. Franklin St.  |  Kenton  |  419-673-0734

Tell us about the place where you live: Hardin County is located in northwest Ohio, and is a rural farming community with a population of about 32,000. Kenton is home to about 8,500 people and is the county seat.

What values do the people in your community share? Large enough to provide needed services and opportunities, but small enough that people care, Hardin County is truly “A great place to call home,” as the county motto boasts. People here are committed to serving one another and to making the county better. A friendly atmosphere prevails and most everyone is willing to help.

How important is community involvement to your agency? The Rogers Agency has been in Hardin County for four generations. My grandfather, Earl Rogers, started the agency in 1927, selling insurance from the Farm Bureau Co-op store. I can remember as a boy visiting Grandpa at the store and sitting on feed sacks near his desk. My father, E. Stuart, joined the business in 1956 and it was soon moved to the vacated train depot station across the street, where it still is today. In 1975, I became the third generation and in 2003 my daughter, Beryl, became the fourth generation to be a Nationwide agent. Our involvement and commitment to Kenton and Hardin County has been the mainstay of our family business for these 85 years.

What does “Customer Focused” mean to you? We are proud to have policyholders today that have dealt with our agency for several generations. Our family and theirs have been connected not only through the business, but also through the process of growing up together in school, church and community activities. We have built personal and lasting relationships, making our policyholders not just customers, but our friends, neighbors and family.

What is your favorite Ohio food? Sweet corn on the cob, red raspberries, apples, popcorn.

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