Letter From the President

As the New Year arrives many exciting opportunities are coming for the members of Preble County Farm Bureau.  Opportunities such as serving on the board, helping with membership, participating in the Grow It Know It sessions and volunteering for new projects that are important to the county membership are just a few. Your PCFB board of trustees will continue to reach out to you and the Preble County community to find members that value their Farm Bureau membership and want to share that value with others.A great place for active members to get started would be to serve on the PCFB board of trustees.  To find out more about the board, you cancontact the county office at 937-456-5400.

Speaking of the county office, Preble County Farm Bureau recently finished relocating the office equipment to a new three-county office in Farmersville. The office will house the administrativeservices for Preble, Hamilton and Montgomery County Farm Bureaus. I hope many members are asking: Why did the board decide to move the office?  This decision was not made quickly and many options were discussed.  Some of the reasons include the opportunity to change from a part-time secretary to two full-time secretaries that are available to answer members’ questions Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; the opportunity to better use our organization director’s time instead of traveling many hourseach week between office locations; and the opportunity to invest the limited resources of the PCFB budget into   programs that will promote Preble County agriculture, increase our communityinvolvement, and better support current programming. The PCFB phone number has remained the same. 

The office staff is eager to serve the members of Preble County, so feel free to call and introduce yourself and see where you can get  involved.  If you would liketo discuss the changes oropportunities mentioned so far, please call me at 937-346-6005.  As mentioned above, we want your help.  We are looking for members who would like to put their footprints down for Farm Bureau.  We are looking for creative and exciting ideas to bring the community together and grow an already great organization.  Please contact the office to find the board member closest to you, or come to a board meeting and share your ideas.  All members are welcome at PCFB board meetings, which are held the fourth Tuesday of the month. Together we can make 2013 the most successful year Preble County Farm Bureau has ever had. Thank you for being a member!   

Joey Roell


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