Fender Bender

The only thing nearly as unfortunate as a car accident is a bad experience at a body shop. You’re placing the keys (and your faith) in the hands of a business that could keep your vehicle for far longer than you expect. Given the stakes, it’s best to consider these factors before choosing a body shop.Appearance counts. The look of a body shop is often an accurate reflection of the owner’s commitment to customer service. Check the buzz. Consumers have a big say in the reputation of a business, and experiences at a body shop certainly get people talking. Solicit the opinions of family members and friends. Gather several estimates. But don’t go with the lowest quote without a clear sense of what will get repaired. An extremely low quote could mean there’s something they’re not doing. Also inquire about all warranty details, such as how long it extends and what it covers. Ask about materials. Will new, used or aftermarket body parts be used? While new and used parts are usually fine, they may come with a mark-up. Aftermarket parts can save a lot of money and can be just as good as manufacturer parts. Avoid scammers. Beware of being approached outside a body shop by someone who notices the damage and claims they can fix it right then and there for a cut-rate price.

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