John Wilber

Homegrown, John Wilber

John Wilber | (740) 774-1225 | 106 S Walnut St. | Chillicothe

Your community: I have been blessed to be part of two communities. I am a dual resident of Loveland and Chillicothe. My family lives on 5+ acres of open and wooded land. We raise a nice garden to help support our produce needs and pick blackberries for making jam from the property.

Chillicothe is also a beautiful small town in southern Ohio. I have a cottage style home in Chillicothe on a ridge overlooking the city. What a view! I love to sit and look to the horizon from the front porch and take in the beauty of our town.

I have an insurance business in both towns as well as in Washington Court House and Waverly.

Local favorites: Loveland Farmers Market, The Red Star Farm, Loveland Whippy Dip and The Works! Restaurant.

Community values: I see a strong sense of pride and community in our employees, friends, clients and the leaders of our businesses, schools and governments. I am proud to be part of a group of people that care about each other and have dedication to making this world a better place.

Favorite Ohio food: Schmidt’s Restaurant: Turkey Reuben with Sweet Kraut and German Potato Salad. Wise to follow with a cream puff!

About Nationwide: I “work” for Nationwide because I love it. Possibly the best job out there. I work with a group of caring people who love to have fun. We are constantly meeting new people that need our help, and we help those people protect the things that mean the most to them.

The most rewarding part of your work: When we are able to help one of our clients cope with and recover from an unexpected tragedy or event, that is rewarding. Being able to provide employment for 15 local people in the communities we do business in, that is rewarding. Being able to support community programs that help develop our children and improve our region with the profits from our businesses. Coming home to my lovely wife and three beautiful little girls and knowing that I am providing them a great opportunity at living a good life, that is really, really rewarding.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a sponsor of Nationwide and endorses Nationwide policies, many of which are discounted for members of Ohio Farm Bureau. Please ask a nearby agent for more details, or the Nationwide website specifically for Farm Bureau members.