Chicken Pot Pie, Cream Pie

A Year in Pies

It’s hard to believe that pie had ever fallen out of fashion given that sweet and savory pies can be made year-round with Ohio-grown ingredients. Here’s what a year in pies can reveal about food production.

In the past 40 years, Americans’ overall meat consumption has remained relatively steady. However, our appetite for chicken has increased nearly two-fold, according to statistics cited by the National Chicken Council. On average, Americans eat about 3 ounces of meat per meal.

February | CREAM PIE
There are about 3,200 dairy farms in Ohio with 272,000 cows. Those cows produce about 600 million gallons of Ohio milk annually.

March | QUICHE
More than 7 billion eggs are produced in Ohio each year, making the state the second largest egg producer in the nation. Ohio poultry products are marketed in all 50 states and internationally.

Rhubarb is often mistaken to be a fruit; it is actually a close relative of garden sorrel, and is therefore a member of the vegetable family.

New growing techniques have allowed Ohio growers to begin harvesting strawberries earlier in May. Peak season typically arrives closer to June.

Food, agriculture and medical experts at Ohio State University are studying nutrients found in berries to determine if they can stop or slow some of the biological processes that contribute to the development or spread of different types of cancer.

Blueberries thrive in acidic soils—a pH of 4.3 to 4.8. Regardless of the crop, farmers regularly test their soils, sometimes using GPS to map the need for fertilizer acre by acre. This technology can save money and help the environment.

August | PEACH PIE
Many peach growers use a process known as integrated pest management to battle crop destroying pests. The approach employs many strategies to limit the need for pesticide application, such as regularly scouting the orchard and promoting beneficial insects.

September | APPLE PIE
For early Ohioans, one of the first priorities for apples was for the production of vinegar. Vinegar could be used to pickle foods and preserve them for the long winters to come.

Ohio is one of the top pumpkin producing states in the nation.

While soft varieties of sweet potatoes are often called “yams,” this is a misnomer. Sweet potatoes and yams are not botanically related.

This holiday pie has a filling that consists of apples, raisins, currants or other dried fruit and spices. Traditionally, it also included minced meat and suet (kidney fat). When it comes to meat, about half of Ohio’s 75,000 farms raise livestock.

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