OFBF’s letter to Ohio Dept. of Health on sewage treatment system rules

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) would like to thank you for the opportunity to review and submit comments on the package of draft proposed revisions to the sewage treatment system rules (OAC 3701-29-01 to 3701-29-23).

OFBF is the largets voluntary nonprofit agricultural organization in the state of Ohio. Each year at the county and state level, our members participate in a comprehensive grassroots policy development process where issues important to them are identified, researched and discussed leading to the development of policies to address these issues. Over 340 delegates from all 88 Ohio counties meet annually to vote on and adopt the policy proposals. The adopted policies guide the organization as we provide legislative and regulatory oversight.

OFBF policies are based on the tenet of protecting private property rights. While the proposed draft sewage treatment system rules contain many aspects in general agreement with current OFBF Household Sewage Treatment Policy some do not. It is these areas of disagreement that serves as the basis of the following general and specific comments.