Community Council Notes

Our council is called Phalanx Mills and meets in Braceville in Trumbull County.

On Feb. 12, we had 7 present.


Meeting Notes:

We showed everyone /gave copies of the new guide from Farm Bureau.  Then we discussed agricultural education and its

absence in our local schools.  We covered the problems in the schools such as broken homes, drugs legal and illegal,

which make education so difficult to accomplish.


Progress Made during this meeting regarding issue/activity:

We suggest that both students and teachers be tested for drugs in order to be in the schools.  Federally we believe the

so-called drug war should be ended since it is a failure.  Legalization and regulation may be a step in the right direction toward the

goal of eliminating drug abuse altogether.


Goals for next meeting:

To continue discussing ways to encourage farming by young people.

March 12, 2013 at Ed Zelenak’s

Submitted by Carolyn Wallie

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