Chris Schiefer

Homegrown, Chris Schiefer

Chris Schiefer | 732 W. Market St. | Tiffin | 419-448-0545

Tell us about the place where you live: Tiffin is an education-based city with two universities—Heidelberg and Tiffin.

What values do the people in your community share? A love of family, sports, education and the quality of rural life.

How important is community involvement to your agency? It is incredibly important—we participate in the fair, the county Farm Bureau’s Ag Days and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

How do you continually provide the On Your Side® experience to customers? We provide annual reviews and we are always engaged in what is going on with our clients.

What does “customer focused” mean to you? It’s about really understanding clients, their needs and goals and then giving them the policies and coverages they need.

Why do you work for Nationwide? I value its farm heritage. It is family focused and member focused. Nationwide will always be there for members and always on their side.

What is the most rewarding part about what you do? You really get the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. And nearly every day you get to see that.

What is your favorite Ohio food? Black raspberry pie, Carle’s Bratwurst from Bucyrus.

In addition to Nationwide policy discounts, why should your customers join Farm Bureau? There is a huge amount of discounts and member benefits as well as a sense of community. You are part of an entity of more than 200,000 members supporting the labors of those who provide us with hearty, wholesome food in Ohio.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a sponsor of Nationwide and endorses Nationwide policies, many of which are discounted for members of Ohio Farm Bureau. Please ask a nearby agent for more details, or visit Nationwide’s website specifically for Ohio Farm Bureau members.