Director of Legal Education Leah Curtis conducted a members-only CAUV web meeting in February.

Web events an early hit with Farm Bureau members

One great way we are employing technology here at Ohio Farm Bureau is to bring members access to the knowledgeable experts on staff in a wide variety of topics and issues.

A number of our staffers are constantly in high demand, traveling across the state, hosting local meetings and helping members on issues such as oil and gas exploration, Current Agricultural Use Valuation, water quality issues and so much more.

Despite tireless efforts and hundreds of thousands of miles logged across the countryside, a significant number of Farm Bureau members miss out. Schedules don’t mesh. Families need attention. A “local” meeting is too far of a drive. Sometimes the activity and energy spent trying to get to meeting after meeting can be draining.

The result? Members miss out on the opportunity to learn and apply valuable information. Questions remain unanswered. Opportunities are missed. Time is wasted.

Now imagine sitting at home in your comfy clothes, kicking up your feet in your favorite chair and having access to all the Farm Bureau experts and information you want, live or on-demand…all at the click of a button.

That’s what we’re doing, and you’re telling us you appreciate it.

Our venture into hosting monthly members-only Web meetings has become a great way for us to reach those who cannot make it to in-person meetings. We’re bringing together more experts for single meetings, regardless of location. Your actual questions, submitted ahead of the meeting, help structure how the meetings flow. But best of all, we’re giving members-only access to the experts and information you know and trust.

Come see your membership dollars at work and experience what you’ve been missing.


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– “Very well organized and run in a timely manner. Easy to follow the conversations.”

– “Love the convenience of not having to travel; being able to benefit from other members’ experience and posting of questions.”

– “We need to encourage others to join in this format…Please keep having the meetings.”

– “This is the first online meeting I’ve attended where questions were submitted in advance of the meeting. I think that was a great idea since a lot of folks will most likely have the same type of question. I feel it allowed for more information to be presented in an orderly fashion. Very much enjoyed the presentation.”

– “As a full time Florida resident with farms in Ohio this is one of the few ways I have of obtaining this kind of useful, up to date information. Thank you!”

– “This is a good format and I am looking forward to the next one.”

– “We really enjoyed being able to sit in on this meeting from the comfort of our home.”

– “Very well presented. Everything worked perfectly.”

87 percent of participants found the meetings very-to-extremely easy and convenient to use

79 percent have found the information in the meetings very-to-extremely helpful

87 percent are very-to-extremely likely to recommend online meetings like this to others.