Many farmers are already counted – are you one? Complete the Ag Census

The deadline for submitting Ag Census forms was Feb. 4, and 1.4 million census forms have already been returned. However, those farmers who did not respond by the original due date will receive another copy of the form in the mail to give them another opportunity. USDA reminds farmers that their farm is important and needs to be counted.

Conducted every five years by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the Ag Census provides detailed data covering nearly every facet of U.S. agriculture. It looks at land use and ownership, production practices, expenditures and other factors that affect the way farmers and ranchers do business.

It is required by law to respond to the census if you receive a form. NASS will start following up with nonrespondents by March 14 through either a phone call or visit.

If a form is received, and a farmer does not think it pertains to him or her, fill it out and return it or answer the Census online. If the answers indicate it is not a farm, the name will most likely be removed from the Ag Census list.

Farmers and ranchers can return their forms by mail or online by visiting a secure website, Federal law requires all agricultural producers to participate in the Census and requires NASS to keep all individual information confidential.

If someone has lost the form, or the code to go online and fill it out, or needs help filling out the form, call the hotline, 888-4AG-STAT (1-888-424-7828).

For more information about the Census, including helpful tips on completing your Census form, visit


Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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