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Your banker. Your accountant. Your attorney. Three people you trust with a significant amount of detail about you and your operation. The more information you provide them, the better they understand you and your needs, and the better they can partner with you to help you and your farm or ranch operation thrive.

Bankers, accountants and lawyers get specialized education and bring you levels of expertise you don’t already have. They help round out your own knowledge. They become trusted advisers who know your family. They help protect your business and can help you grow and prosper.

In talking with farmers and ranchers across the country, they told us that’s what they wanted from their insurance agent, too: Someone with a high level of specialized education. Someone they could trust with a lot of personal information. Someone who understands the business of farming and can help them protect their operations. That’s why the On Your Side Farm Certification program was created. We understand farmers and ranchers are looking for more than an insurance agent. You want a trusted adviser.

We know of no other farm insurance company that certifies its farm agents. We wanted to provide farmers and ranchers a means to recognize insurance agents who are committed to agriculture, knowledgeable about the business of farming and bring a level of expertise that helps make an insurance program most effective—both in cost and protection. Nationwide Agribusiness’ On Your Side Farm Certified agents spend a few days in a classroom immersed in the specific kinds of risks farmers and ranchers face. They study the various policies and endorsements available and learn specific questions to ask to help our customers get the most from their insurance policies. When those agents advance to Master level certification, we work with them on how to help farmers and ranchers identify potential hazards in their operations and teach them best practices for eliminating or minimizing those hazards.

We’ve always seen ourselves as a long-term partner who wants to work with our customers to help them grow their businesses and protect them for future generations. Nationwide® was created by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and its innovative leaders. Nationwide can offer a deep array of financial solutions for farmers and ranchers, including some of the best farm insurance available in the marketplace today. Financially strong, you can trust us to meet our promises of protection to our customers.

But we think our Farm Certified agents really allow us to stand out. Nationwide Agribusiness has been focused on protecting agriculture for over 100 years. That experience has taught us an incredible amount about what can happen on farms and ranches, and what farmers and ranchers care about most—hard work, solid values, honest people.That’s why the On Your Side Farm Certification program was created. We understand farmers and ranchers are looking for more than an insurance agent. You want a trusted adviser.When you’re ready to work with an On Your Side Farm Certified agent, there’s only one farm insurance company you can call: Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company. We’d like to earn your business and your long-term trust.

To locate a Farm Certified agent, visit Nationwide online or call Nationwide Agribusiness at 1-800-255-9913.