Quasar digester


Quasar Energy Group, based in Cleveland, is featured in the March/April issue of Our Ohio magazine for its dedication to paving the way for alternative renewable energy resources. The company has nine anerobic digesters in Ohio, which convert organic materials into biogas that can be used as electricity, natural gas and fuel. Quasar plans to build 13 more by the end of 2013.

“People think digesters are smelly and noisy, but they’re not,” said Mel Kurtz, Quasar’s president. “Digesters can process anything that’s organic and keep tons of waste out of landfills. It’s really exciting.”

Quasar works with many community partners that have usable waste, such as Pierre’s Ice Cream. Pierre’s captures its food waste, including extra cream and leftover mix and twice a month Quasar picks it up and converts it into energy. Quasar is continually looking for other companies that can use its service.

“We are no longer at the point of ‘does this technology work?’ It does and we need companies or people to take advantage of it,” Kurtz said.

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