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Farm Bureau helps sponsor Agriculture Program at Museum

The Hancock Historical Museum has established a partnership with the farming community.   An agricultural program, sponsored by Hancock County Farm Bureau and directed by Deb Wickerham, retired Findlay City Schools teacher, will be designed for the school children of the county.  It will be added to the 3rd grade tours and become one of the stations for the 5th grade Hands-On History Day.  

An agricultural traveling trunk will be created to take to the schools. The contents will include tools or implements that might be used on a farm, DVDs, music, models, charts, children’s books and teacher resource materials.  As Educational Coordinator, Wickerham plans to incorporate both science and social studies standards into both the programs and the traveling trunk.The science would include properties of soil:  pH, moisture, how soil is made, the biotic and abiotic components of soil, erosion, and weathering (how it affects crops and the land), life cycles of various plants and animals, and how the technology of agriculture has changed over the years.

Eventually the goal would be to establish an “Agriculture Day” that would include activities at the museum and tours of area farms.  We are including some of the soil activities at the Museum’s Buckeye Tractor Ditcher event in April.  There will be three or four activities that are related to soil.

It is very important that children of today understand how important the agriculture industry, the land, and the stewardship of the land is today in our society.  Additionally, the Agricultural Barn next to the museum will be designed to highlight the agriculture of Hancock County.  For many of the tours, it is a major goal to have farmers as part of the volunteer force.  The oral history of our farming community members is vitally important and must be sustained.

Looking to the future, there are great plans for the use of both the Agriculture Barn and the farming activities and programs.  Thanks to Deb Wickerham for her willingness to coordinate these activities.  Please contact the Farm Bureau office if you are interested in volunteering for any of these events at 877-447-3091.

Pictured here, Gary Wilson, Communication Action Team Leader presents a donation on behalf of the Hancock County Farm Bureau to Deb Wickerham of the museum.

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