Leadership Conference June 21-24

Ohio Leadership Conference – June 21-24, 2013                                                                                                                                Camp Muskingum, Carrollton, OhioEligibility: high school freshman—seniorsCost: $135RSVP deadline: June 7Camp start time 12:30 p.m., June 21, Camp end time 10:15 a.m., June 24In 2013, Ohio Farm Bureau continues teaming with Ohio FFA to offer Farm Bureau youth a great leadership experience.We encourage you to check out Ohio FFA’s “Ohio Leadership Conference” held at Camp Muskingum.  The total camp fee includes camp insurance, meals, and the use of camp facilities and equipment. The insurance gives you protection from the time you leave home until you return. Each camper is protected up to $2,500 each incident (dental only $300) and $500 each sickness. Proper forms must be processed to claim insurance benefits. Please remember the following:·  Each student must sign the student code of conduct and return to camp ·  Each student must complete both pages of the student health form·  Fax or mail the registration materials to your county Farm Bureau office by June 5.

Want more info?For more information, please contact Preble Farm Bureau office at 937-456-5400. All registration forms, (code of conduct form and student health form) are available at ffacamp.com under the “Summer Camps” page in the “Advisor Information” section.  To register for the camp, return the Code of  Conduct and Student Health forms and payment to your county Farm Bureau office no later than June 7.What to Bring: Sleeping bag or two sheets (bunk size), pillow and pillow case, towels, soap and other toiletries, fishing tackle, musical instruments, clothing suitable for camping, light jacket, two pairs of shoes, camera and a good appetite! Dress Code: Campers are required to wear shoes on camp at all times. Proper dress is required in the dining hall. Campers are asked to wear clothing that is conservative and will not draw attention. Campers are asked to avoid wearing clothing with drug, alcohol, or tobacco references or that are inappropriate for a school setting.

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