OFBF’s letter on transporation rules to Chairman Damschroder of House Committee




May 14, 2013

The Honorable Rex Damschroder

Ohio House of Representatives

77 South High Street, 12th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Chairman Damschroder:

I am writing in regard to House Bill 133, legislation that would remove the requirement that vehicles have a front license plate.  Farm Bureau has policy against such a proposal and, as such, I wanted you to be aware of our opposition to the bill.

Many of our concerns are similar to those of law enforcement officers who have testified in your committee.  Farm Bureau members feel the front license plate is an important safety feature and a crime fighting tool.

Considering vehicles often pass slow moving farm machinery on Ohio roadways, the removal of the highly reflective license plate from the front of vehicles is a concern for farmers.  The reflective front license plate can help oncoming traffic identify that vehicles are passing farm machinery when visibility is low.