Students at Wintersville Elementary School visit a dairy farm from their classroom!

Google Hangout takes WES Students to a Dairy Farm!

Earlier this week, some 5th grade students at Wintersville Elementary School were able to participate in a ‘virtual’ field trip.  

Students used a computer with Google Hangout to interact with representatives from the Ohio Farm Bureau, The American Dairy Association and a Dairy Farmer in Ohio.  Students learned how dairy cows are cared for, how much they eat, how long they live, how much an average cow produces and how the farmer gets the milk to market.

Hangouts on a wider variety of agriculture related topics are planned for next school year.  Classrooms all over Ohio will be able to participate in these educational journeys!!!

If you have a classroom that would be interested in participating next year, please contact the Jefferson County Farm Bureau office at 740.266.6603.

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