Dale Arnold answering questions from Richland County Farm Bureau members.

Prepare for pipeline development increases across Ohio

What’s going on?

Energy development projects are popping up very quickly across Ohio, particularly pipeline projects. In some cases, land developers not completely versed with Ohio’s regulations governing pipeline construction are stopping farmers out in the fields to ask them to sign survey forms and releases to bring crews out to place flags in preparation to lay pipeline.

Dale Arnold, Ohio Farm Bureau director of energy, utility and local government policy says that on top of new pipeline projects, there are also infrastructure renewal programs (IRPs) going on.

“Anything that has been in the ground since the 1950s is probably going to be replaced. When you take at look at all the pipelines and IRPs we are projecting somewhere around 14,000 miles of pipelines either built new or reconditioned,” he said. “It seems like every county in some shape or form is impacted by these types of projects.”

What can you do to prepare for this kind of situation?

These fast-moving energy development projects don’t allow landowners much time to react. Arnold has been helping Ohio Farm Bureau members by attending meetings organized in a matter of hours, and has held online meetings with a group around members’ kitchen tables on one side of the state while he is on another side of the state.

“These things are moving so quickly and people have so many particular questions it is easier for us to bring the meeting to them in a machinery shed, garage, barn or anywhere they can find. The focus of the meeting is not to go through a huge presentation but to answer specific questions on specific topics.”

Ohio Farm Bureau recently held a members-only web meeting on pipeline easement issues. This meeting was recorded and can be requested by filling out the form below, along with web meeting recordings on other topics.

This webinar contains all the basic information on pipeline easement issues Arnold presents at meetings across the state. After watching this webinar Arnold can help farmers and landowners with questions they have specific to their situation.

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Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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