Karl Woods - Nationwide Agent

Meet a Local Nationwide Agent – Karl Woods

Karl Woods is a native of Cincinnati. He attended Moeller High school, was class president for three years, vice president for one year, and earned a football scholarship to the University of Cincinnati. Karl graduated from the College of Business with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Karl married Gina Fink from West Chester and they have two children, Lindsay and Andrew and reside in Maineville, Ohio.    I

In 1992, Karl Woods opened his Nationwide agency without one customer, and in just 22 quick years Karl has become one of the largest Nationwide agencies in southern Ohio. Much of the credit he gives to the Ohio Farm Bureau membership, that improved his competitiveness by offering deep discounts on Nationwide auto and homeowners policies PLUS offered many additional member benefits to his clients.        

“Nationwide has a rich agricultural tradition stemming from the Ohio farmer who started this company in 1926, and that story has been told to many of my current policyholders, who took advantage of all the benefits given to them by becoming Farm Bureau members,” Woods said.     

Woods has located his office at 8075 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester in Butler county since their inception in 1992, and they plan on staying  there for a very long time. “My wife has asked me why I don’t move my office closer to home, near Kings Island,  and I let her know that 70 percent of my policyholders reside in the Butler County area and they have been very loyal to me and I want to be available for them whenever they need me.”

Karl Woods has been diversifying into the farm market over the past six  years and has brought on some very nice farm operations into his agency. “Farm insurance is as varied as the farmer themselves, each person does things a little differently, so every account is ‘custom made’ to satisfy the specific concerns of that farmer. I find the farm market exciting because of the importance of their success and its impact on the local community. Every farmer knows the other farmers and understands their contribution to society, in the farming business, you see the end results of your labor ,and that’s rewarding”.          

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In appreciation for the continued support of the longstanding relationship between Farm Bureau and Nationwide, Butler County Farm Bureau honors a local Nationwide Agent in Butler County in each newsletter edition.

Thank you to the agents for submitting an article highlighting their agency.



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