Blogger Leah Beyer (center in green) takes beginner bloggers through an exercise to help them name their blogs.

Finding purpose in blogger workshops

“People have within their own hands the tools and the power to fashion their own social and economic destinies, if they will only organize themselves to use them.”

Early Ohio Farm Bureau leader Murray Lincoln’s quote is often cited as the founding purpose of Farm Bureau — Bringing people together. Sharing common interests and concerns. Finding ways to work together to solve them.

I witnessed the good that comes from being a connector and organizer of people as they worked together to learn new tools last week during Ohio Farm Bureau’s beginning blogger workshop in Wilmington.

We aren’t experts here at Farm Bureau when it comes to blogging, but we know a lot of great bloggers, many of them members, who were willing to come together and help us put on a great day of learning, training and expertise that was supremely beneficial for those attending who wanted to blog, but didn’t know the first steps to getting started.

Watching our guest blog experts work hand-in-hand with beginners was an absolute pleasure.

It seems great things happen when you bring together people who are looking for help with people who can provide help. The key to making it work, however, is setting it up, getting out of the way, and just letting it happen.

The workshop went so well that we even scrapped two planned afternoon sessions in favor of more hands-on assistance to help beginners creatively brand and customize their blogs, and get their first posts on the Web.

I consider it a privilege to work in the connector role when I can see solid results. That’s a great value of Farm Bureau membership. Members have an expert staff with access and connections to so many good people. Once a need is determined and expressed, your Farm Bureau can help make good things happen simply by bringing the right people together.

Special thanks to Leah Beyer, Brenda Hastings, Jennifer Keller and Charles Wildman for spending the day with us in Wilmington, sharing the stories and passion behind why you blog, and helping curious beginners get started on the right foot. And also thanks to Jeff Fowle and Ray Prock for joining us via Google+ Hangout from California to share their experiences.


There’s still time to register for our intermediate blog workshop in Columbus Aug. 16: Just fill out the form below by Aug. 9. Check out all the details here.