Hancock County helps erect farm machinery caution signs

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Hancock County Farm Bureau recently purchased 75 Caution-Farm Machinery signs to put up on county and township roads.

“Several months ago, Sheriff Michael Heldman contacted the Farm Bureau and asked if we were interested in replacing the old signs. The board of trustees unanimously voted to undertake this project with the assistance of the engineer’s office,” said Darren Frank, organization director for Hancock County Farm Bureau. “It is a main goal of Farm Bureau to promote safety on the roadways of the county and the board felt this was a very worthwhile project.”

To help offset the cost of the project, many Farm Bureau members have pledged donations to cover the costs of the signs. The new yellow and black signs are diamond shaped and replace older triangular shaped signs from a similar Farm Bureau project done in the early 1990s.

“Each year it is inevitable that farm vehicles will be involved in accidents on public roads. Most collisions between tractors or other slow-moving farm equipment and cars or trucks occur on dry, open highways during the day,” said Frank. “A major reason for these accidents is the difference in speed between cars or trucks and slow-moving farm machinery, and rear-end collisions are especially common. Farm machinery is much wider than in the past, and drivers of all ages need to be cautious when they encounter any type of farm equipment on our roadways.”Since Hancock County started this project, Seneca and Hardin County Farm Bureaus have joined in with 50 and 30 signs respectively, being delivered to the county engineer’s offices.

Lynn Snyder 

Lynn Snyder is senior director of communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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