Baby Honey Bear

Sweet Stuff at Farm to Plate on July 20

Bill Beebe’s farm is located in the Northwest corner of Crawford County. He has Honeybees in several locations in Crawford county harvesting honey, wax, propolis and some pollen from the hives. He and his wife, Kathy, sell natural raw honey at the Bucyrus farm market on Saturday mornings and attend several festivals in the fall with infused honey, creamed honey, honey sticks, beeswax candle. And, they are starting to make handmade soaps with products from the hives as well as some of the herbs we grow here.

Bill says, “While I do enjoy working with the bees, at least on most occasions, I also enjoy getting people involved with beekeeping. We have a beekeeping supply shop where we cater to other Beekeepers and I am involved with the Richland Area Beekeepers Association where we give lessons in the spring.”

“As I’m sure you are aware, pollinators in general are having a difficult time surviving due to changes in the environment, and without them we are all going to be in a difficult situation. Making a living in agriculture, or in my case apiculture, is a difficult thing to do. We do ask that people buy local honey not only for the health benefits but to support your local Beekeepers in their attempt at increasing this natural resource, the honeybee.”

Farm to Plate is proud to be able to provide a sample of Beebe’s Bees honey in the starter kits which will be available Saturday for $3 to Farm Bureau members and $5 to non-members.





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