The Food Dialogues: Ohio

Ohio’s food community is came together on Aug. 15, 2013 to host The Food Dialogues: Ohio to start a conversation and answer questions about food production, farming technologies and protecting the environment. We invite you to watch the discussion led by a panel of leading experts, farmers and thought leaders for a dynamic conversation about the future of food.


What impact do GMOs have on the environment and long-term health? What role does science play when addressing issues tied to food, including health concerns, drought and feeding a growing population? See your questions answered in a discussion between farmers, ranchers, and leading experts in the industry of biotechnology that gives straight answers for today’s most pressing food concerns.


How sustainable is our food production system and what effects does it have on our environment and the economy? What practices are being used to ensure a safe, sustainable food supply? Hear what farmers, ranchers, scientists and consumers had to say about sustainability and your food supply and how it impacts our environment and economy.

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