What Amazing Tool The Cell Phone Is, by Kathy Smith

Are you one of those people who didn’t have a cell phone five years ago and now can’t imagine life without it? My husband is one of those. Our son kept telling him how convenient they were and how many things he could do with it but my husband insisted he didn’t need one.

Now it is the first thing he checks in the morning, because someone might have left an important message, and the last thing he thinks about at night, “Did I plug my phone into the charger?”  I don’t think he’s the only one who does that.

The amazing thing to me is how important cell phones have become to nearly everyone’s farming operation— big or small. Instead of having to walk two miles to get home when the tractor breaks down, you call and usually, unless nobody can answer their phones, someone comes to pick you up.

 The same is true if you run out of twine while baling hay or need to put air in the tire of the haybine when you’re mowing. Help is usually just a cell phone call away. It saves time, money, frustration and marriages.

A few years ago we were rushing to finish chopping grass for the silo because it was supposed to rain (no phone with radar on it). All of a sudden something broke on the chopper. Apparently it was one of those rare days when all my dishes and laundry were caught up because I volunteered to make the run to Cortland Tractor for the part. Off I went only to have the guy at the counter ask me two questions I couldn’t answer right after he said, “May I help you?”

So back home I went to get the needed information.  After consulting with my husband and him assuring me I had everything I needed, I headed south feeling fairly confident it would work out right this time. Well, it took three questions this time before I ran out of answers. By the time I got home it was raining, everybody was mad at me and I felt like the worst farm wife in the whole world. What a nightmare!

Today this true story would go something like this—-my husband uses his cell phone to call from the field about the chopper part, gives the guy at the counter all the correct numbers and information and I make one trip to Cortland Tractor (I’m sorry, we will always call it Cortland Tractor) and I even make it home before it rains.

Someone else who really could have used a cell phone was long-time Dorset veterinarian Dr. Ernie Kaszar.  What a great team Dr. Ernie and his wife Joyce were. Joyce would sometimes call us and say “When you see Ernie could you tell him that Bilek’s have a cow he needs to look at.” A cell phone would have made their lives so much easier. Of course my husband says about the time Dr. Ernie’s phone dropped a call, he probably would have tossed it out the truck window.

What an amazing tool the cell phone is.

Kathy Smith is a farm wife from Wayne Township. She writes for the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau.

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