Fair Tent Volunteers Needed!

Please review the shift times and see if there is a time you would like to volunteer to supervise the Farm Bureau tent at the Fulton County Fair.  It is not hard work:  Pop popcorn, $1 water, keep tent area picked-up and make sure nothing is stolen.  You can direct all questions asked during your shift to the Farm Bureau office.  We will provide business cards to make it easy.

We would like to provide those that do not normally attend the fair a chance to help. If you sign up to work a shift, you will be reimbursed your gate fee to enter the fair (limit 2 tickets per family). Season fair pass holders excluded from reimbursement. Must sign up before Aug. 26 to receive this deal. 

Please call the Farm Bureau office with what time works best for you.

We could use multiple people at each shift Friday –Monday.


All popcorn & water donations go to help provided a $500 scholarship to a local Fulton County Farm Buraeu High School Senior.



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