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Local Leeks part of Farm to Plate Saturday Aug. 24

A Forestry Consulting Company – Supplier to Malabar Farm Restaurant

Jeff Wilkinson

108 East Main Street, Lexington                                                                                                              


What do you grow?  Shiitake, oyster mushrooms, dried morels, leeks and other fresh, garden produce. Jeff also has a supply of grower kits and starter logs for people who want to try their own fresh mushrooms.  Growing season is mid-March to November, depending on the weather.

Jeff started mushroom farming in 1998 after he was contacted by a grower out of Taiwan. He decided to partner up and grow mushrooms because he really likes growing fresh food and enjoys eating the mushrooms. Jeff has transformed his backyard to the point he no longer has grass to mow there.  It contains a 40X70 mushroom arbor with the rest being garden space for other fresh foods. He is also interested in the methods used for growing foods in wooded areas. Jeff buys products he needs at the farmers’ market and from other local gardeners/farmers because he feels that buying local is important to the local economy and families and also helps people’s health with fresh, homegrown foods to eat.

Malarbar Farm Restaurant is a regular customer for the mushrooms and other items from Jeff’s backyard and Chef Joey will be using fresh leeks in his recipe this Saturday at Farm to Plate.


Where can people get your products? Bellville Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. Or simply give Jeff a call to arrange a convenient pick-up time.



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