Ron Smith

Homegrown, Ron Smith

Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide have a history built on cooperation.  Nationwide was founded by Ohio farmers who believed in working together for their community. Today, we continue a strong partnership based on this belief.

Ron Smith  |  18850 E. Bagley Rd., Middleburg Heights  |  Phone: 440-234-0305  

Tell us about the place where you live: Columbia Station/Olmsted Township is a rural market bordering the Cleveland suburbs. The closest to the country you can get and still be 10 minutes from a mall.

How do you continually provide the On Your Side experience to customers? Our agency is designed to support clients that support us. If we are your agent, we do everything in our power to perform at a level to exceed your expectations. We call every customer at least once a year for a review and that is a major job since we have over 6,000 households. We have a person dedicated to claims to make sure our customers know we are involved in their claims experience. We also assign a specific associate to every household to make sure that customer has a single point of contact in the agency.

Why do you work for Nationwide? I believe I work for our members first and represent Nationwide for the solutions. I represent Nationwide because of the history of standing behind our policy by paying claims with speed , compassion and integrity.

What is the most rewarding part about what you do? Helping a member through what could be the worst thing that might happen to them in their life, whether it is a property and casualty claim or a death in the family. I am most likely the only one coming to them with a check, solutions or help—instead of a bill—when they need it most.

In addition to Nationwide policy discounts, why should your customers join Farm Bureau? The Farm Bureau is the heritage of Nationwide and the life blood of farming. Ohio Farm Bureau’s Our Ohio magazine gives my suburban customers insight into the farming community that they may not see any other way.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a sponsor of Nationwide and endorses Nationwide policies, many of which are discounted for members of Ohio Farm Bureau. Please ask a nearby agent for more details, or visit Nationwide’s website for Ohio Farm Bureau members.

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