Fresh from the Scherer farm

Scherer’s Farm supplies Farm to Plate produce

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Scherers mostly grow row crops now and have a garden overflowing with produce. The produce they have to sell includes sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and melons. Their products are available at the Shelby Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. Scherers’ farm-fresh goodies have been used in almost every Farm to Plate demonstration; we couldn’t have done such a good job without the local farmers and vendors like Terry!

Terry is a fourth generation farmer. He grew up on a traditional farm where his parents and grandparents farmed. In the late 1970s his family began selling extra garden produce along the roadside just because they had it. In the 1980s, it was very difficult to make a living farming and the government had an ADAPT program that helped farmers find alternative ways to make money on a family farm. Terry learned what to grow to supplement his farm income and support his family. He traveled to area markets to sell his produce until the local demand for more products grew large enough that he was too busy to leave the farm. Scherer’s Farm Market has been a Shelby staple for 35 years until health reasons forced them to scale back on produce production. Terry is thankful to David Ernst for his investment of time and energy in the Shelby community and the Farmers’ Market which allows him to still sell locally. David and the market are true assets to the Shelby area.

Terry loves farming because he likes “being my own boss.” He enjoys the opportunity to watch plants grow, mature and go to harvest as well. Terry believes local food “eats better” because it is fresher and our local soils provide a lot of nutrients compared to items grown elsewhere. He feels the best thing about buying at local farm markets is getting your questions answered on the spot. You can ask how the crop was fertilized or treated and know what you are getting.

Richland County Farm to Plate is a program that occurs as part of the Farmers’ Market in Shelby. A host of partners, supporters and volunteers have joined together to provide this exciting program to link the growers of our local foods with local chefs and with us, the consumer. Cooking demonstrations, featuring items that can be found at the Farmers’ Market or through local sources, will occur on six occasions this summer. Taste testing, recipes and starter kits will be available. There will be healthy activities for the kids too. Special thanks to the Richland Community Development Group Local foods/Ag sector, the Shelby Foundation and Our Ohio for funding this experience! This is a great opportunity to learn about and support our local food economy, and to be newly inspired to eat healthy and to eat fresh.

To stay up to date, “like” the event page on Facebook. Or contact Fred Cooke at 419-295-6583.



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