Ag Day

Ag Day was hosted by Pickaway Soil & Water Conservation District (PSWCD) and Pickaway County Farm Bureau (PCFB). Eight Hundered (800) Pickaway County fourth graders and their teachers participated in Ag Day on September 13, 2013 at the Ohio Christian University.  

Ashley Clark, PSWCD Conservation Education Specialist and Connie Drummond-Angles, PCFB, organized the event.

The goal of Ag Day is to increase awareness of Agriculture, the number one industry in Pickaway County. It is important that our youth know where their food and fiber comes from.

Over 40 professionals collaborated to provide hands-on learning experiences that were correlated to the academic content standards.

There were 36 teachers from 12 elementary schools participating in the day’s events from 10:00 to 2:00. Some of the activities included: making soy ink; learning the process of making corn into ethanol; viewing a table-top farrowing house; making rope; learning how canals changed the economy of Ohio; making yarn from wool; learning about wagon & elevator safety.

Several organizations, agencies, businesses, farmers, and volunteers contributed to Ag Day.

Financial Supporters include: PSWCD Affiliate Members; Pickaway County Farm Bureau; The Savings Bank; Cargill A-horizon’s; Pickaway County Sportsmen, Inc.; Kathy Skinner Dumm; Nebraska Grange; Saltcreek Valley Grange; Kingston National Bank; Farm Credit Services Mid-America; Clifton Seed; South Central Power; 5/3 Bank ; Chase Bank; Leist Mercantile; Rumpke; Kroger; Belinda Aukeman; Angles Farms; Logan Elm PTO; New Hope-Linda Wilson; Martha Ewing; Amy Gerhardt and the Clarksburg Grange.

Pickaway SWCD and Pickaway County FB plan to hold this event annually for Pickaway County fourth graders.

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