Tips for Purchasing Firewood

Prior to purchasing, the following firewood rules and regulations are helpful to know:
Nonpackaged firewood must be sold by the cord or by fractions of a cord. One cord, when properly stacked, should be 8 feet long by 4 feet high and 4 feet wide (128 cubic feet);
If sold in bulk, firewood must be purchased by the weight in ton measurements. This must be weighed on a certified scale;
It is illegal to sell firewood by any other unit of measurement such as a rick, rack, face cord or truckload. If a consumer believes that a seller did not comply with these rules and regulations, the person should immediately contact the seller;
If nonpackaged firewood is purchased, the seller must present the consumer with a delivery ticket or sales invoice that includes contact information and the terms and conditions of the sale;

If firewood is advertised and sold as “seasoned,” it must have a moisture content of less than 50 percent. “Unseasoned” wood will only produce two-thirds of the heat of “seasoned” wood; and
If the firewood is advertised and sold as a certain type of wood, the load must contain at least 90 percent of that species.
If a problem occurs with a firewood sale, and the seller will not correct the problem, consumers should contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Division of Weights and Measures at 800-282-1955 or contact a local weights and measures inspector located in each county auditor’s office.