Alt and Allison discuss Medicaid expansion in Ohio. Should we or shouldn't we?

Medicaid expansion: Should we or shouldn’t we?

The state could add people who don’t qualify for subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act to Medicaid. But should they be added? On the next Town Hall Ohio, airing this weekend, this tricky topic is discussed.

Robert Alt from the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions believes Medicaid is not a good value for Ohioans providing poor results from a broken system.

There aren’t enough doctors who take Medicaid, and there is nothing the General Assembly is going to do in the short term in expanding it that is going to fix that. If we want to do this, Ohioans could actually go ahead and provide a state run program that would actually have work requirements, and other personal responsibility requirements, that would actually help people get out of the bad situation they are in.

Jon Allison from the Ohio Alliance for Health Transformation doesn’t think a state program would be better than the federal system, and says this is an opportunity to use federal funding to help many Ohioans better their lives with health care.

We have an opportunity in the state to continue to reform the Medicaid system. It’s much better than it was even just five, six years ago. This administration is doing tremendous things to make this a more accountable system. The General Assembly, I think is serious about more reforms around the system and to simply throw our hands up and say, ‘This is too hard,’ ‘It’s too complicated,’ ‘It’s too unreliable,’ I think is a mistake because the current system we all are paying for is broken. Why continue down that path.

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