What is the Soil and Water Conservation District?

The mission of the Richland County Soil & Water Conservation District is to assist the citizens of Richland County to protect and improve the County’s natural resources by providing exceptional education, planning and technical assistance.

VISION Statement: To improve the quality and quantity of our County’s natural resources within watersheds of Richland County by establishing a working network of diverse conservation partners resulting in the District being known as the County’s natural resource reference agency.

The 65th Annual Meeting to be held for the Richland Soil & Water Conservation District on Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. Reservations required. Flyer attached.

If you are concerned with or interested in the conservation of soil and water of Richland County and would like to know more, it would be a good idea to attend this meeting and become better acquainted with your Soil & Water Conservation District.



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