Give you input on Ohio's drainage laws by Nov. 25.

Input wanted on Ohio drainage laws

Landowners are often faced with drainage issues. Whether it’s too much water or not enough, drainage is one of the topics we are most frequently asked about here at Ohio Farm Bureau. Drainage also quickly becomes a source of frustration, as the laws governing petition ditch procedures and maintenance are outdated and problematic for all parties involved.

This is why Ohio Farm Bureau is currently engaged with the County Commissioner’s Association of Ohio and other stakeholders in reviewing Ohio’s drainage laws. Convened by the CCAO, this task force hopes to arrive at suggested revisions that will streamline Ohio’s drainage laws, and make them work better for all parties involved. One suggestion by the task force was to garner input from all types of stakeholders, to help understand what individuals have experienced with drainage law and what they would see as needed improvements.

We hope you can take a few minutes to provide your input as a farmer or landowner. The survey is online and will take only a few minutes to complete. Please be as specific as possible in your answers, to help Ohio Farm Bureau representatives to the task force best represent your concerns.