Survey checks herd health

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By Dr. Leah Dorman, senior director for animal and food policy 

This preliminary survey is the first step in the National Animal Health Monitoring System, which provides the industry with new and valuable information regarding trends in the dairy industry. After the initial survey, farms that are eligible and choose to continue in the study may:

– Be contacted by USDA’s Veterinary Services for an on-farm visit and questionnaire, perform a lameness evaluation and collect milk and fecal samples

– Have the opportunity to participate in a year-long calf-monitoring study.

“Our farm has been part of the NAHMS study in the past. The survey takes some time, but I learned some things in the process, including some valuable information about my herd through on farm testing. Plus, it was a way to provide information to help better the dairy industry and focus on research initiatives.” – Tom Fleming, president of the Ohio Dairy Producers Association, Allen County Farm Bureau member

For more information, visit the NAHMS website or contact Dr. Leah Dorman at [email protected].

Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is the director of digital communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

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