Farm Bureau grassroots effort continues with AFBF Resolution Committee

Farm Bureau’s grassroots process of policy development continued at the American Farm Bureau Resolution Committee meeting this week.

American Farm Bureau Resolutions is the next step in the continuation of the Farm Bureau grassroots creation of policy, which begins at the county level. County Farm Bureaus develop policy through community councils, policy development committee meetings and annual meetings. In turn, that policy is vetted at Ohio Farm Bureau’s annual meeting, and then federal policies are sent on to the Resolution Committee at American Farm Bureau.

The Resolution Committee is composed of all state Farm Bureau presidents, including Ohio Farm Bureau President Steve Hirsch. The committee reviews all policy recommendations on federal issues voted upon at state Farm Bureau annual meetings.

The committee combines redundancies, removes proposals that are already covered in current policy and considers conflicting proposals before voting on which policies will go before the delegate body at the AFBF annual meeting in January in San Antonio.

Several of Ohio’s policy suggestions were accepted and will come before the voting delegates at annual meeting. The Ohio policy suggestions accepted include a dairy policy recommendation on decreasing the somatic cell count standards, support for educational funding via the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act, policy on commodity trading and support for efforts to decrease Electronic Benefits Transfer fraud. Other areas that will likely receive some attention are proprietary data collected from farming operations, private property rights as it relates to Unmanned Aircraft Systems, immigration reform and County of Origin Labeling Standards.

Ohio Farm Bureau will send 11 voting delegates to the American Farm Bureau annual meeting, with two alternates. Delegates will explain Ohio’s positions on proposals, and any policy proposals that were not accepted at Resolution Committee can be brought up on the floor for consideration at annual meeting. All Ohio Farm Bureau delegates are state board members who were elected by members from their trustee district.