Resources for Ohio Landowners


compiled by staff


Farm Bureau staff experts are providing members with the latest information to help them manage their property. Here are Farm Bureau resources for Ohio landowners:



Legal Information Brochures – Eminent domain, oil and gas leasing, open burning and all purpose vehicle use are just some of the topics covered in Ohio Farm Bureau’s Legal Information Series brochures, which are available electronically for Ohio Farm Bureau members only.

Legal with Leah Podcasts – OFBF’s director of agricultural law Leah Curtis and Joe Cornely discuss the topics on the minds of Ohio landowners.

Local Landowner Education Events – Educational events and meetings are held by county Farm Bureaus throughout Ohio, covering landowner topics such as oil and gas leasing, pipeline easements, CAUV, Nationwide Land as you Legacy (estate planning), wind energy and community energy briefings.

Informational Web Meetings – CAUV, oil and gas, pipeline easements and gardening are a few topics covered in Ohio Farm Bureau member-only web meetings that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home, or watch recordings of the meetings at your own convenience.

Landowner Advocacy – A few highlights of Farm Bureau’s advocacy work at the Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Supreme Court, Congress, Federal Supreme Court and with local governments to ensure property rights and address other issues landowners have.

Useful Links – A few links to other organizations that can help landowners with questions, concerns and problems.

Callie Wells 

Callie Wells is a communications specialist for Ohio Farm Bureau.