Farm Bill Passes in House

 Here’s how individual members of Congress voted on this important measure:

Beatty: Yes

Boehner: Does not vote as speaker

Chabot: No

Fudge: Yes, including a floor speech in favor

Gibbs: Yes

Johnson: Yes

Jordan: No

Joyce: Yes

Kaptur: Yes

Latta: Yes

Renacci: Yes

Ryan: No

Stivers: Yes

Tiberi: Yes

Turner: Yes

Wenstrup: No


“The farm bill demonstrates fiscal responsibility, provides a needed safety net for farmers, protects important nutrition and food access programs and provides resources to help farmers protect the environment,” said John C. (Jack) Fisher, executive vice president, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

“We would like to thank House agriculture committee members Reps. Marcia Fudge and Bob Gibbs for their leadership in addition to all of Ohio’s House members who voted in favor of this important legislation.

“We now ask members of the Senate to also pass this farm bill agreement when it comes to them early next week. We appreciate Senate Agriculture Committee member Sherrod Brown’s leadership in advocating for passing the farm bill in the Senate and for his work on the conference committee,” he said.

Ohio Farm Bureau believes this bill demonstrates considerable fiscal responsibility and reduces the federal government budget deficit. The agreement protects and strengthens the federal crop insurance program and recognizes its importance as a risk management tool. The commodity title programs are critical to Midwest crop farmers who need a safety-net option, yet firmly believe in following market signals for planting decisions. Ohio livestock producers will also benefit from this farm bill through the inclusion of the Livestock Indemnity Program, the Livestock Forage Program, EQIP and export programs. In addition, the nutrition title meets the important goals of providing food security and stability to those in need. There are numerous research provisions, conservation programs, rural development and energy programs that will provide benefit to not only farmers, but to all consumers and Ohio’s economy.

Important provisions of the farm bill include:

1. Crop insurance that continues to provide an important risk management tool for those uncontrollable factors of weather and market conditions.

2. Commodity program changes that remove direct payments and create new safety-net programs that will work with crop insurance and allow farmers to make planting decisions based on the market, not the anticipation of a government payout.

3. Conservation program streamlining that continues programs such as CRP, CSP and EQIP that are important to Ohio farmers.

4. The Livestock Indemnity Program and the Livestock Forage Program that benefit Ohio’s livestock farmers.