Be a Member, Sign a Member

We recently kicked off our 45 day membership campaign and we’d like your help in making this year a success. Our goal is to secure 42 new farmer members by March 6. The more people we have talking to their friends and neighbors about joining Farm Bureau, the easier it will be to reach our goal.

So why would someone consider joining Farm Bureau? The answer is truly different for everyone. Some like the benefits, such as the discount on Nationwide Insurance and GM vehicle rebates. Others like the networking and leadership development opportunities that come from joining the states largest general agricultural organizations. Still others join because, like Fred Cooke, they know that lending their voice to chorus at Farm Bureau helps to ensure that agricultural community is heard in Columbus and Washington D.C. One thing is for certain, without members, the good work of the county, state and American Farm Bureau cannot get done.

Below find application forms in case there is someone you know needs to join. This year’s membership coordinator is Fred Cooke. Contact him at 419-295-6583 or contact the office for further information to see how you can help to make sure that we continue to grow and lead as an organization. 



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