Member sign up made simple

From the Young Agricultural Professionals Leadership Experience to the long list of state and federal issues, Farm Bureau membership is what makes it possible for the organization to effectively engage in the activities covered in our publications and on this website.

Now, volunteers working membership have a new option to sign up new members that is as easy as pulling a phone out of your pocket. No more carrying around forms that can be a hassle and hard to decipher later on. Ohio Farm Bureau’s website, designed to be mobile ready, allows the membership to be paid on the spot with a credit card.

To use: Open your mobile device’s browser (Safari, Chrome, etc…) and enter You will find an electronic form that asks for the same information normally filled out on hard copy membership forms. Fill out the information boxes and you have a newly signed member! If you have a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc…), test out this handy new membership tool!