Cornely, Ohio Farm Bureau's senior director of corporate communications.

Trumbull County masters media relations

One of my first road trips as a Farm Bureau staff member was to tag along on a media event in Trumbull County. Each year the county Farm Bureau took editors, reporters, photographers or whoever else would say yes from the Warren Tribune Chronicle out to visit farms and learn about ag. I’m not sure which evolved from which, but the relationship between those farmers and their local paper is so close that the county Farm Bureau gets a regular column in the paper.

That’s nearly 25,000 sets of eyeballs exposed to farmers and Farm Bureau thanks to the efforts of a few volunteers. I read the columns regularly, and they’re darned good. This edition, in particular, is a gem. Gary Smallsreed (whose farm I visited during that tour 16 years ago) writes about his first Ag Day at the Capital.

In a few hundred words, Gary lists the issues farmers feel are important, tells folks back home what he learned, gives his state lawmakers a pat on the back and most importantly, shines a light on how Farm Bureau members go about affecting the legislative process. All wrapped up in a very personal perspective that compels people to read.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something like this in your local paper? Or on the radio, or online or wherever you as a farmer can reach the public? Interested? Drop me a note: [email protected]