AgriPOWER Class IV in Washington D.C.

How AgriPOWER can help you be a farm advocate

AgriPOWER is a leadership and advocacy development program, which consists of multi-day institutes that cover public policy matters facing local communities, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world. Ohio Farm Bureau is now taking applications for Class VI. Here is what two past participants had to say about the program:

“I not only learned about our government, business practices and agriculture, but I learned about myself and how to better contribute to Ohio agriculture and explore other farming operations. During this class I developed the network and skills to set out on my own personal agricultural journey. I truly believe that AgriPOWER laid the groundwork for me to start conversations with people about food and farming.” ~ Kristin Reese,

“There are few involved in producing food today, so it’s important we learn to reach out to connect with people outside agriculture. AgriPOWER provided me the inspiration to be an effective advocate. The seminars were packed with information and resources I could apply in the industry and my community … The program compelled me to critically study issues I may not have considered prior to this experience. One example of this is the session when a staff member from HSUS spoke with us. It was difficult to listen to her point of view, but if not for AgriPOWER I would not have had this opportunity. Looking at a topic from the opposite perspective is necessary if you want to be an effective leader.” ~ Brenda Hastings,

Learn more about the AgriPOWER program, or call 614-519-8761. Applications are due April 18.