NEW! Farm Recycling Project

We are in the early stages of a great recycling opportunity! Auglaize, Mercer, Logan and Shelby County Farm Bureau are partnering with several groups on a farm recycling project. Gather your bale wrap, silage plastic, twine and take it to county specific locations to be recycled. The Counties are working with the Overbey Recycling company in Lewistown, Ohio to take these farm products and reuse them. Below is the Auglaize County recycling drop off location, handling tips, and sorting categories when gathering and preparing the farm recyclables. Please contact the county Farm Bureau office for the other county drop off locations.


Ohio Recycling

7837 St. Rt. 274 in Chickasaw 419- 925-4444

Every Thursday


Handling Tips…

1. Shake or brush off foliage, soil, stones, etc. Extra care should be given

to the bottom piece. Do NOT recycle if it is too dirty.

2. Try not to run equipment on plastic, if possible: this will keep it clean.

3. Cut plastic film before removing silage/haylage.

4. Fully empty plastic fertilizer, feed or seed sacks. Shake/brush as needed.

5. AG chemical containers need to be TRIPLE rinsed please, prior to being dropped off at facility.

6. Cut into pieces of size and weight that one person can handle. This will help all of us!


Sorting Categories…

1. Seed Totes  2. Plastic Twine  3. Netting, Mesh Seed & Grain Bags   4. Silage Bags  5. Bale Wrap  6.  Ag Tanks



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