Water Quality and Nutrient Management Project

Shelby County Farm Bureau is bringing water quality and nutrient management issues to the forefront entering a partnership with the Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District and Cargill. This partnership is trying to help area farmers be more aware of these issues and to provide them easy to use tools to manage their farms to help improve our conservation efforts in these areas.

This team has assembled a water quality and nutrient management toolkit for local producers called, “Water Quality and Nutrient Management: from Planning to Placement to Profit.” This comprehensive toolkit helps guide producers in the planning, organizing and decision making for their farms when dealing with the application of both commercial and organic nutrients. The book has rates, standards and reference materials that will help them make not only conservation minded decisions, but sound financial ones as well.


We have a copy for you! Just call our office if you are interested in receiving the kit as well as the handy calendar which offers tips and reminders on managing your farms resources.

Attached are pdfs of the Binder Contents and Field Record Sheets… just click and print!






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