Weather causing food price increases

I’m not looking forward to this summer. I haven’t since one of the orchards I live a few minutes from and visit to pick peaches posted the following message on its Facebook page this past winter:

It didn’t get any better a few days later when another farm I visit to pick blackberries shared similar bad news with me. Too many consecutive days of nine degrees below zero had wiped out their crop.

I’m disappointed I won’t get to enjoy picking peaches and blackberries this summer that I freeze or use fresh to turn into cobblers and crisps that I share with co-workers, family and friends. Rising food prices may have consumers in a similar mood.

Here are some recent new pieces discussing rising food prices.

USDA Economic Research Service Food Price Outlook

The bottom line: price inflation for meat, fish, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables is expected to more than double this year from the nearly four-decade low experienced last year.

Even with these increases, food is still a bargain the U. S. compared to other countries. However, consumers may have questions and concerns as to why their grocery bill is increasing. Are you prepared to have that conversation with family and friends who share this concern with you?